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Scorbot ER3

(Last update: 10/28/2015 7:00 AM)

Scorbot ER3 controller/programmer software

Scorbot ERIII controller download (Limited Edition)

Software screen


MOV----Move to current position
GTI-----Goto a labeled line IF an input is triggered
HOM----Find home switch
LBL------Label line number
GTO-----Goto a labeled line
SZR-----Set current position to zero
SPD-----Set speed (1-10)
WAT----Wait for spesified time
WFI-----Wait for an Input until it triggered
ONN-----Set an outpot to ON state
OFF------Set an output to OFF state
OPN-----Open the gripper
CLO-----Close the gripper

DELL 14" Laptop with software installed
Comes with RS232 cable.

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